The new T75 evolves the original concept, simplifying and refining the design and specification. The result is a super-lightweight, ultra-compact motorcycle with fewer components than any other true hub-centre steered chassis, enabling it to deliver a high level of feedback and provide incredible responsiveness to rider input.

The Tryphonos T75 is a full 50 millimetres narrower than the already diminutive GSX-R600 with the top of the fuel tank 40 millimetres lower, in turn reducing weight and aerodynamic drag. Dispelling notions of front swing arm grounding, the new Tryphonos possesses cornering clearance only comparable to MotoGP machinery. With its ultra-narrow front profile it is capable of 60 degrees of lean, with suspension fully compressed.

Although easily adaptable for the Moto2 Honda CBR engine, the new Tryphonos houses the latest GSX-R750 powertrain, giving the agility of a 600 with considerably more power to provide a well balanced and extremely compact package.

The T75 has been tested at Silverstone, Snetterton and Mallory Park circuits with very positive feedback. The test program continues this year to develop new components prior to the launch.